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Members, AccessIndy is designed to provide 24/7 self-service to IWDC’s inventory at both Distribution Centers, on-line order placing and general research on your account invoices. To obtain a login click the "Request Login" button located at the top of the Access Indy website.

For Further Assistance with the Website Contact: webadmin@iwdc.coop

· Open 24x7 - Online Access!
· Place Online Orders with IWDC Warehouse
· Check IWDC Warehouse Inventory and Stock Prices
· Search Products – See Images and Product Descriptions
· View Warehouse Promotions
· Tracking Numbers on Shipped Warehouse Orders
· View and Download Invoices (both IWDC Warehouse and Pass-Through)
· Download Current Statements to Excel (both IWDC Warehouse and Pass-Through)
· Send Notes to IWDC on Backorders (New Feature)

Questions on Orders or Items: order@iwdc.coop